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Auditing, we are often reminded, is not mechanical, but requires numerous subtle judgments. The argument is that, despite the growth of non-audit services generally, these services are rarely as significant to the auditor, from an economic standpoint, as maintaining the audit relationship.

And auditor independence, in turn, can be threatened in numerous ways, only one of which is the provision of non-audit services. Congress apparently chose to tolerate a degree of potential conflict of interest rather than supplant the private auditing profession.

To respond to some of these questions, we proposed, and are now adopting, new rules relating to the financial and employment relationships independent auditors may have with their audit clients, business and financial relationships between accounting firms and audit clients, and the non-audit services that auditors can provide to audit clients without impairing their independence.

Accordingly, we proposed and are adopting requirements for disclosures that we believe will be useful to investors. As more fully discussed below, we are adopting rules, modified in response to almost 3, comment letters we received on our proposal, written and oral testimony from four days of public hearings about 35 hours of testimony from almost witnessesacademic studies, surveys and other professional literature.

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Background Our Proposing Release generated significant comment and broad debate. Two academics presented research tending to show that subtle but powerful psychological factors skew the perceptions and judgments of persons - including auditors - who have a stake in the outcome of those judgments.

Under the proxy disclosure rule being adopted, registrants will have to disclose, among other things, the aggregate fees billed for the audit in the most recent fiscal year, the aggregate fees billed for financial information systems design and implementation, and the aggregate fees billed for non-audit services performed by the auditor in the most recent fiscal year.

In its Phase II study, Earnscliffe found that "[m]any advocate[] a requirement of full disclosure as a way to both deter an unhealthy relationship between auditor and client, and to inform investors of any risks" related to the relationship.

Registrants must comply with the new proxy and information statement disclosure requirements for all proxy and information statements filed with the Commission after the effective date. Financial and Employment Relationships. They can gain the technical and other expertise that they believe they need by providing the non-audit services to all of their other clients who are not also audit clients.

Accordingly, under the final rule, accountants will continue to be able to provide a wide variety of non-audit services to their audit clients.

Some testified that there is no sharing of firm personnel between the consulting side and auditing side. Disclosure of Non-Audit Services. Earlier, when the common services portal was launched, people were still required to visit nearby Jan Seva Kendra to verify their credentials before being registered.

The Commission is aware of only those audit failures it discovers or that are made public; presumably there are more. Second, the great majority of companies do not purchase any non-audit services from their auditors in any given year.

The proposed restrictions on non-audit services generated more comments than any other aspect of the proposals. To demand, as a predicate for Commission action, evidence that each loss of independence produces an audit failure is a bit like demanding proof that every violation of a fire safety code results in a catastrophic fire.

Some commenters suggested that the Commission and investors rely primarily on corporate audit committees to monitor and ensure auditor independence. The scope of services provisions do not extend to services provided to non-audit clients. Our view on this point is quite different from the suggestion from the CEO of an accounting firm that we should wait to adopt restrictions on non-audit services until there has been "a train wreck or a stockmarket crash.

In addition, there is more mobility of employees and an increase in dual-career families. Because objectivity rarely can be observed directly, investor confidence in auditor independence rests in large measure on investor perception.Study SPED FINAL EXAM ALL QUIZZES flashcards from Amanda M.

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437 final exam
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