A cream cracker under the settee essay plan

But also a slightly happier feeling because at least she got to choose how she died, she could have saved herself if she had wanted to. It wont kill you. Done it now, Wilfred. At the very end of the play she recalls being a child, wishing she were ready for bed all washed and clean.

By making this comment Doris shows that you grow old at different ages and she has not yet grown old. Cream Cracker reflects many of these fears as Doris is shown to be alone and slightly pitiful in her life.

This is a place she detests as she constantly mentions throughout the monologue. Overall I hope the audience would leave the play thinking about the themes and issues covered, thinking about both the positive and negative points. Everything else on stage would be kept normal. Wraping him in news paper as if he was dirty.

Left alone together they bickered and argued even though they still loved each other. She is a mainly calm woman, from the north who speaks in a down to earth manner. Bennetts intentions were to get the audience to think and feel about Doris.

It is obvious that Doris does not like Zulema, from the way she speaks about her. This statement also ties in with being proud of her baby, something she regrets never having the chance to do. I believe that all people should earn and be given a certain amount of respect. In the end her stubbornness leads her to choose death rather than becoming a stereotypical old lady in a care home, something she would detest.

To understand her views and her life and character. This quote could also imply the fact that Doris and Wilfred had cracked apart by Wilfred going a separate was dieing and Doris staying alone.

Doris portrays Zulema as a dictating unclean, unwilling and blackmailing person. Doris likes all things being neat and tidy. This would emphasize her dislike for Zulema. She is worried that if she goes to Stafford house she will end up the same way as the baby.

Cream Cracker Under the Settee

In this part of the scene I would like to have a silent replay of the scene she describes, showing her and Wilfred talking in the kitchen.

There is also irony in that Doris was thinking of Wilfred when she decided to climb upon the buffet to do her dusting, as she was looking at his picture. As my audience was leaving the theatre, I would like them to be thinking about Doris.

A Cream Cracker under the settee

Doris sees Zulema as slovenly compared to her standards, which she believes to be normal and so she tries to do her own cleaning. I was the one with the list. And later died as a result of that.

A Cream Cracker Under the Settee Story - Assignment Example

The place she least wants to go. Doris is a seventy-five year old woman who lives alone. Here I would have the actress speak in a joking sort of way to make clear to the audience that although she scorned and laughed at some of Wilfreds ideas, she liked to humour him because she loved him.

Doris has spent most of her life trying to be tidy and organised and even after her fall she still puts hygiene and organisation first. This makes the reader feel slight humor and also feels as if she has no perspective of what things are important and not.

Doris make Wilfred out to be a happy caring but funny man. This would hopefully get the audience thinking about the links between the different pieces of the play.

Doris lives alone with no close friends or family.

A Cream Cracker under the Settee

Alan Bennett wanted to show that people in society do not respect the elderly. In the play many unseen characters are brought to life. This is how many people see what will happen towards the ends of their lives but do not want to acknowledge this fact.

A Cream Cracker Under the Setee

During her life Doris decided tht she did not want to get a dog because of how it would make the house untidy. This was a very rough patch for Doris as she says makes out that the midwife didnt treat her baby like a person as it was dead and hadnt lived a life.

This is because Doris mimics her voice and brings her to life.Essay Writing Guide. Learn the art of brilliant essay writing with help from our teachers. Learn more. - Alan Bennett's A Cream Cracker Under The Settee Alan Bennett's purpose in writing "A Cream Cracker Under The Settee" is to highlight the problems old people face.

He points out that obsession with hygiene can be destructive "I never should have tried to dust.". 'A Cream Cracker under the settee' is a monologue which was extracted from a series of monologues written by Alan Bennett for the BBC.

These monologues give the audience a window into the life of a variety of people that society often forgets. A cream cracker under the settee is a monologue written by Alan Bennett about Doris, an old woman aged 75, who lives alone in her house and has a mad obsession with cleanliness.

At the start of the monologue we see Doris sitting on her chair, talking about Zuleema and how she fell trying to dust her wedding photo. Free Essay: Directing A Cream Cracker Under the Settee for Television Doris is a year-old widow, living alone in a semi-detached house.

She was fitted. A Cream Cracker under the settee. Describe how you would stage the monologue in order to both hold the audiences attention and to ensure that they are made aware of the themes and issues that concern the writer.

A cream cracker under the settee essay plan
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