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He was occasionally assisted in these concerts by his siblings. At this time, because of various personal problems and reverses, he withdrew into private study and composition for the remainder of his life, with only occasional forays back into the limelight.

Charles Valentin Alkan

Young children, mostly Jewish, were given elementary musical instruction and also learnt the first rudiments of French grammar Only in did he make a return to the concert stage, playing a series of Petits concerts at the Salle Erard where he also taught classes in the afternoons.

He did however play a range of music unusual for his time, including the then-unfashionable late Beethoven sonatas, various Schubert sonatas, and much Baroque music. It may have been associated with the developing career of Delaborde, who, returning to Paris insoon became a concert fixture, including in his recitals many works by his father, and who was at the end of given the appointment that had escaped Alkan himself, Professor at the Conservatoire.

Its important to remember that Paris at this time, at the beginning of the 19th century, was a cultural magnet for so many European artists. Sad to say, the story is not true.

Alkan was a sociable person with a great sense of humour, who always enjoyed a good intellectual argument with close friends, though he often suffered from acute shyness and introspection.

Later that year, Alkan, having found a place of retreat at Piscop outside Paris, completed his first truly original works for solo piano, the Twelve Caprices, published in as Opp. His attachment to his Jewish origins is displayed both in his life and his work. His chamber music compositions include a violin sonata, a cello sonata, and a piano trio.

He died in his apartment a few hours after being rescued. In his twenties, Charles-Valentin Alkan played concerts in elegant social circles and taught piano. By the s Alkan was emerging as one of the foremost virtuoso pianists of Paris. There has been a steady revival of interest in his compositions over the course of the twentieth century.

His personality was such that he tended to dwell on the sad events of his unfulfilled life.

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The latter dedicated a concerto to him. Unfortunately for Alkan his career also suffered from disadvantages that were beyond his control. The father and son relationship was never spoken of publicly in Parisand relations between the two were always strained. This story has become part of the folklore surrounding Alkan.

Life and career Alkan was born Charles-Valentin Morhange to a Jewish family in Paris, where his father lived as a music teacher. For a while he was a professor at the Paris Conservatoire.

The head is strong; the deep forehead is that of a thinker; the mouth large and smiling, the nose regular; the years have whitened the beard and hair Charles-Valentin Alkan seems to have had few followers, although his admirers included Ferruccio Busoni and Anton Rubinstein.

And there is also plenty of scope for the amateur pianist. Amongst his 75 opus numbers is the mammoth "Twelve Studies In All The Minor Keys", Opus 39, a work that takes over 2 hours to perform complete and which contains within it a 3 movement Concerto and a four movement Symphony, both for solo piano.

List of compositions by Charles-Valentin Alkan

The truth is more interesting and more tragic. He had to die in order to prove his existence. Audiences, sophisticated and unsophisticated, respond to him.

It appears that Alkan completed a full translation into French, now lost, of both the Old Testament and the New Testamentfrom their original languages.

Liszt is reported to have commented to the Danish pianist Frits Hartvigson that "Alkan possessed the finest technique he had ever known, but preferred the life of a recluse.

It was possibly at times like this that Alkan would have emersed himself in his other great passion outside of music, the study of theology.

The records of his auditions survive in the Archives Nationales in Paris. And Alkan needs pianists! His grandfather Marix Morhange had been a printer of the Talmud in Metz, and was probably a melamed Hebrew teacher in the Jewish congregation at Paris.

He had a passionate interest in the Bible, including the New Testament, his Jewish background notwithstanding. He died alone at the age of 74, not killed by a falling book case, and having outlived his friend and neighbour Chopin by nearly 40 years.Charles-Valentin Alkan was one of the great composer/pianists of the 19th century and a major influence on many subsequent musicians.

Études dans tous les tons mineurs (12), collection of etudes for piano, Op.

The Charles-Valentin Alkan Society of Vienna

39 Keyboard Études dans tous les tons majeurs (12), collection of etudes for piano. Welcome! The Charles-Valentin Alkan Society of Vienna Institute for Polyphonic Piano Playing and Sound Aesthetics.

Charles-Valentin Alkan

Our focus is encouraging and supporting the interest and approach to the art of polyphonic piano playing focussing on the work of composer and pianist Charles-Valentin Alkan. A.

Alleluia, Op (Alkan, Charles-Valentin) 3 anciennes mélodies juives (Alkan, Charles-Valentin) 3 Andantes romantiques, Op (Alkan, Charles-Valentin). “THE MYTHS OF ALKAN” When a composer has been neglected for many years, as has been the case of Charles-Valentin Alkan, it's not always easy to reawaken public interest.

It's not enough, unfortunately, to let the music simply speak for itself. Something more dramatic is required, particularly in our sound-bite driven media age. Charles-Valentin Alkan The following is a list of all the musical compositions of Charles-Valentin Alkan in order of opus number.

Transcriptions are excluded from this list. Charles-Valentin Alkan (November 30 –March 29 ) was a Jewish French composer and one of the greatest virtuoso pianists of his day.

His compositions for solo piano include some of the most fiendishly difficult and physically demanding ever written, and performers who can master them are few and far between.

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