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The Catholic heritage which the Puritans and Radicals wanted Elizabethan settlement essay get rid of - in doctrine, in practice and institutionally as seen in the three-fold apostolic ministry and canon law - was the "cuckoo in the nest" that the Queen and the conservative reformers refused to let go of and which eventually prevailed as later generations took Elizabethan settlement essay interest in and gave more emphasis to the Pre-Reformation roots and doctrinal foundation of the Church.

This fact, her long reign and her stubborn defense of the Settlement more than anything else set the Church of England on the path it would eventually take as the Via Media brand of Christianity of the great majority of the English people.

After all, she did succeed a highly unpopular, rigidly catholic queen, Mary Tudor. The House of Commons was on the whole sympathetic to the idea of a protestant settlement, but the queen was conscious that a compromise was necessary. Use of the term "Supreme Governor" instead of "Supreme Head" pacified many who were concerned about a female leader of the church.

Eventually most Anglicans would reject his rejection but Elizabethan settlement essay until the 20th century as a result of the influence of the Oxford Movement. No matter how much the reformers and active laity of a more radical nature and strict Calvinist doctrine pushed, "they could not proceed to move the structure any further from its idiosyncratic anchorage in the medieval past," p.

The peace with France, which was agreed in March of also helped, with more attention able to be focused on the homeland, and a greater sense of security able to be felt. The Black Rubric of which permitted kneeling to receive communion out of reverence and not to imply the "real and essential" presence, was repealed at the express order of the Queen.

Many historians believe that William Cecil himself wrote the Church Settlement because it was simply the — version watered down. Parliament was prorogued over Easter, and when it resumed, the government entered two new bills into the Houses; the Act of Supremacy and the Act of Uniformity.

Under Elizabeth, factionalism in the council and conflicts at court greatly diminished.

Explain the factors which shaped the Elizabethan Religious Settlement reached in 1559

This meant the pope was superfluous with the monarch being the top authority. The war was only partly about religion, but the abolition of prayer book and episcopacy by a Puritan Parliament was an element in the causes of the conflict. It was characterized by a stout refusal to speculate or even define itself as Protestant or Catholic, ibid.

Indeed the Eucharistic Prayer of the Scottish Book reflects this mix of Catholic, Orthodox and Calvinist theology so characteristic of Anglicanism to this day though with some modifications in the newer prayers which strive to avoid partisan approaches in favor of universally accepted opinions.

All of the Marian exiles returned to England from hiding and asserted themselves to the queen, being Elizabethan settlement essay, protestant, English and ready to serve her. She was opposed to Catholicism but not to Catholics as long as they kept quiet.

What she wanted was complete uniformity to her new church, but not persecution for those who did not believe in it. Parliament was summoned in to consider a Reformation Bill and to recreate an independent Church of England.

For example, at sight of the new non-catholic queen, many of the catholic bishops resigned. She vigorously opposed a stricter Calvinism as proposed by such men as William Strickland in In the intervening years the Anglo-Catholic wing of the Church introduced many Roman Catholic liturgical elements into the Prayer Book called the Anglican Missal and at the same time the Church of England slowly adopted the Pre-Reformation vestments that the Queen had valued as the norm and vested choirs in what has been described as a much belated Counter-Reformation.

The base line and litmus test of catholicity was conformity to the teachings of the Church Fathers and Catholic bishops as stated in the Injunctions ofi. As a moderate Protestant she wanted her version of the Catholic Faith to be the one for the entire Kingdom.

With this context, although many were cautious of yet another female monarch, the soil was fertile for a religious settlement to be planted.

Instead notions of sacrifice were transferred from the Eucharistic Prayer to an optional Prayer of Thanksgiving and Self-Oblation said by the congregation after communion. Other factors also ripened the timing for the settlement.Related Documents: Essay about Elizibethan Religious Settlement Settlement Failures Essay In addition, tradeprocessing and settlement errors can lead to indirect costs, such as compensation payments to counterparts for failed settlements or the development of large losses in a firm’s portfolio as a result of managing the wrong position.

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The Elizabethan Settlement

The Elizabethan Settlement. Further Reading. Norman Jones, Faith by Statute. Susan Doran, Elizabeth I and Religion Elizabeth’s accession in was universally met with expectations of change in religion. Catholics dreaded the renewal of schism from Rome, while Protestants eagerly anticipated the continuation of reforms begun.

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Elizabethan Religious Settlement

This essay centres on a significant decision, which is Elizabeth’s choice to institute a protestant religious settlement. Different factors that /5(1).

Elizabethan settlement essay
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