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So, if you are tempted to ignore or dismiss other philosophers now that Rand has convinced you that she is right, I urge you to check that temptation. In the philosophical essays that she wrote after the publication of Atlas Shrugged, Rand repeatedly drew on her knowledge of other philosophers and philosophical systems to interpret and make sense of the events and cultural trends she analyzed.

There is a frightening kind of rationality about the reasons for Essay aynrand org mistakes they made, the purposes they wanted to achieve and the practical results that followed in history. Encouraging better and more probing questions To highlight another value in studying other philosophers, consider the following issue that arose during a class we were teaching in the Objectivist Academic Center.

Rand on the importance of studying other philosophers Rand was not a historian of philosophy.

The Nature of Government

Let me indicate briefly why. What does it really mean to say that the governed consent? Rand repeatedly drew on her knowledge of other philosophers and philosophical systems to interpret and make sense of the events and cultural trends she analyzed.

Objectivism as a perspective on a long-standing debate In an undated note in her early philosophical journal, Rand wrote: In a sense, yes—in a highly condensed and essentialized form.

For Rand, that perspective is one that she was entitled to; for most of us, it is one we must still work to earn. At times it makes my hair stand on end—to read the sort of thing those. But she certainly thought it vital to study the major arguments and perspectives offered by other philosophers.

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These are the vague beginnings of an amateur philosopher. Is consent even necessary if the government is doing exactly what Rand thinks it ought to be doing?

The intrinsic theory holds that the good is inherent in certain things or actions as such, regardless of their context and consequences, regardless of any benefit or injury they may cause to the actors and subjects involved.

This seeming obviousness leads many readers seeking to understand her philosophy, Objectivism, to ignore or dismiss other philosophers and philosophical systems, except perhaps for the few figures Rand mentions favorably.

Why Read Thinkers You Disagree With

I am reading a long, detailed history of philosophy [by B. But I must do it. Does it require an open declaration or only a tacit agreement of some kind? To be checked with what I learn when I master philosophy—then see how much of it has already been said, and whether I have anything new to say, or anything old to say better than it has already been said.Contrast this approach to defending capitalism with Ayn Rand’s approach in Atlas Shrugged.

In your answer, consider what Rand has to say in her essay “What Is Capitalism?” Francisco d’Anconia and his teacher, Hugh Akston, advise more than once: “Check. In your essay, consider what Ayn Rand has to say in these excerpts from her writings.

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Enter an Ayn Rand Institute essay contest for your chance to win thousands of dollars in cash prizes. About The Ayn Rand Institute The Center for the Advancement of Objectivism. ARI offers a variety of educational experiences to promote greater understanding of Ayn Rand’s philosophy and, through the writing and speaking of our experts, advocates her principles of reason, rational self-interest and laissez-faire capitalism.

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Essay aynrand org
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