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Riva also finds out that her siblings escaped and headed towards Russia. With a systematic breakdown of events, readers are able to determine factors regarding hope and courage even though there are many times when the author feels like giving up. Synopsis[ edit ] Thirteen-year-old Riva Minska, her mother, three brothers and landlord are living in the same house.

With many other women, she is blasted with cold water and Riva can never forget the screams of the young girls and women. She is then given old clothes that do not fit well. Riva, a well-educated woman who loves language and records her experiences in a journal each day for her absent family members, relies on these books to fuel her courage and connect her to cultural tradition.

This traumatizes Riva and she is not sure what to make of her life. A couple of years later, chaos has spread rapidly through the ghetto.

As time continues to progress, Riva is deported to another concentration camp. Just as the war ends, Riva and her friend, Tola, among others, are transported to Grafenort.

The books bolster spirits in the ghetto, and they encourage, in Riva, an appreciation for beauty and the desire to write. After one week in the horrifying camp, Riva and some other girls from her neighborhood are moved to Mittelsteine.

Riva and a cousin were on an errand to the post office one day when Germans gathered all the Jews they could find and forced them to run in circles. With the many different time lapses that are seen within the book, the author vividly describes specific moments that have stuck out to her the most.

Born in Lodz, Poland, Riva inhabits a close-knit community that integrates both Jews and non-Jews through shared traditions and intergenerational spaces.

Within the last part of The Cage, Riva reminisces about her horrible past while living in the concentration camps. When Riva arrives at Mittelsteine, she finds a pencil and she makes use of it by writing poetry.

She then thought back to when she was thirteen. Riva, who is too small to work the machine, helps a team of men who dig a bomb shelter. Eventually, the commandant actually gives Riva her poetry book back so that she can proceed with her writing.

She feels blessed that she is alive to tell her story, but she can never forget the terrible battles that she had to endure on a daily basis. Nacha believed that the Germans would not harm women and children. Instead, Riva was granted custody of her brothers in return for giving up the privileges of a child.

However, Riva is forced to undress, put her glasses in a gigantic pile and pushed into an open area. Riva Later changes name to Ruth is speaking with her daughter, Nancy, when her mind is taken back in time to Lodz, Poland Her mother is taken away in a Nazi raid because she looked sick. Throughout the book, Riva refers to all the places she has been confined as "the cage".

The Cage by Ruth Minsky Sender - Guided Question Sheet with Essay Topics

She was barely alive when the Russians arrived and liberated the camp. Riva was later sent to Mittelsteine before being moved again. However, when the commandants find out about her poetry, she is scolded; later she ends up developing a severe case of blood poisoning.

At Mittelsteine, the young women work in a factory, preparing tools. The remaining Minska siblings decide to leave their home and library and give themselves up to the Nazis, who will take them to labor camps.

She reiterates to her daughter that the past should never be forgotten because it tends to stay with a person even if most of the factors are considerably negative.

Upon dressing in the clothes, Riva is forced to follow the women of the camp as they are screamed at to stand up in areas where the commandants cut and shave all of their hair off their heads. Riva barely escaped deportation through the efforts of a friend of the family.

In part two, Riva is deported to Mittelsteine with her friend, Tola. Now Riva, Motele, and Moshiele must fight harder than ever to prevent being caught by the Nazis and deported.

Her daughter, Nancy, came to Riva and seemed sad. Laibele eventually died of his disease and the family of four became a family of three. Soon the Germans invade Poland. First, they are taken to Auschwitz, where the boys are pulled to one side and the girls to another; Riva will never see her brothers again.

Each night at Grafenort, troops march them to land where they dig trenches for the German army.

The Cage Summary & Study Guide

Just as neighbors like Moishe and Yulek care for and inspire Riva and her siblings, so, too, do the Minskas watch out for their friends and neighbors, risking their lives to protect others from the secret police. Riva continued to resist the insistence of authorities to "volunteer" for deportation to labor camps but she and her brothers eventually realized that they have no food, no hope and no choice.In The Cage, Ruth Minksy Sender uses the theme of hope throughout the book.

Despite the horrific struggles that Riva and her family are faced with she remains still hopeful, always holding on to the words and the voice of her mother, who although physically gone from her she is still the closest thing to her heart motivating her to continue her every.

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The Cage, written by Ruth Minsky Sender inis a true story about the hardship and cruelty of being a Jewish person during the Holocaust. At the beginning of the book it is (when the book was written).

Riva (Later changes name to Ruth) is speaking with her daughter, Nancy, when her mind is taken back in time to Lodz, Poland Publisher: Macmillan. The Cage by Ruth Minsky Sender - Guided Question Sheet with Essay Topics.

Preview. Subject. Reading, Literature, Reading In culmination six essay topics are given. Students are able to pick one and complete a writing piece to end the novel.

The Cage Summary and Study Guide

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