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By submitting her body and not her spirit, Alice resists Rufus to retain her sense of self, never fully giving in to her sexual enslavement. Even though these two people were miles apart in the Kindred essays the were raised or who they are as a person, Butler was able to establish a link between them and use her writing in a manner that shows us that every body out there is kinfolk in some way or another, and that people are not really as different as they seem.

Dana showed him that she was much smarter and strong minded, to overcome Rufus and his attempt to control. Therefore, she has to keep in mind doing things for the enslaved community, as opposed for herself, while still not understanding the full implications of motherhood.

Forced into acceptance Kindred essays fear for her personal safety ii. Every time Rufus faces danger Dana would be called upon to protect him, so that he can father the child that will become her ancestor. In a similar vein, she learns from a field hand to work slowly so that the overseer believes she is working to capacity.

After saving the drowning boy from the pond, she is then confronted and threatened by the ungrateful parents of the boy. Because she thinks Rufus has sold her children, she can no longer think of herself as a mother. In Kindred the main character, Dana, does not call her master, Rufus, master.

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Rufus then buys Alice so that he can have her as his own, however, Alice does not allocate to him the most essential part-her spirit. Nigel, a carpenter, uses his craft and his slightly privileged position with Rufus to work for hire in his spare time.

Example of Luke being sold as a consequence for not being obedient to Tom Weylin e. Furthermore, Rufus used her children as a bribe to gain her affection and sexual pleasures towards him. So in her symbolic way of freeing them, she named them Joseph and Hagar, biblical names of former enslaved people.

This is where the story starts to get interesting, because she leaves the comfort of her living room to be in a thicket of trees, in an unfamiliar place. As Kindred unfolds, it becomes clear that she does, indeed, have abundant courage and stamina.

You want Kevin the way I want Alice. But then all of a sudden, Dana starts feeling slightly lightheaded and before we know it she is transported back in time to a place that she is not familiar with.

Dana views sexual intercourse as a way of enjoyment and pleasure, much to the contrary of her foremother, Alice, whose sexuality creates pain and agony. The entire section is words. In conclusion, Rufus always loved Dana and tried to force his love upon her by control and not giving up on what he already had.

The idea of sexuality for Dana is initially one that she feels comfortable with and has control over when she is in twentieth century California. Her survival essentially relies on her ability to keep him alive.

Sarah, whose own children—with the exception of the mute Carrie—have all been sold, nevertheless protects and loves other children of the plantation. She is summoned to a plantation in Maryland that her ancestor, Rufus Weylin, lives on.Kindred is a novel by Octavia Butler.

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In Kindred, Octavia Butler uses the science fiction plot device of time travel to explore how the history of the enslavement of blacks by whites in the United States is inseparable.

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In Kindred the main character, Dana, does not call her master, Rufus, master. Rufus also treats her differently than other black slave women around him. But the white men and black women couldn't make their relationship, because of the time period they were in.

Kindred by Octavia Butler Essay Words | 6 Pages. Kindred by Octavia Butler Octavia Butler’s novel Kindred is categorized as science fiction because of the existence of time travel. However, the novel does not center .

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