Master thesis universiteit utrecht masters

Did you start the programme in or before ? Your research should be relevant from both a scientific perspective, expanding the body of scientific knowledge, and a societal one, producing knowledge that contributes to addressing energy-related problems in society.

Dates The following dates are available for presenting your thesis or internship: The research should be relevant from both a scientific perspective, expanding the body of scientific knowledge, and a societal one, producing knowledge that contributes to a better understanding of or the solution to societal problems in the area of energy.

Research topics You have to attend at least ten presentations. Please let us know.

Master's programmes

Graduation Presentations Every month students present the results of their research. Please use it to acquaint yourself with the assessment criteria and to assess yourself during the thesis process.

It makes the items the supervisor assesses and the criteria he or she uses transparent. This means that you have to write two reports and give two presentations. Keep track of the number of presentations you have attended. Information on procedures, entrance requirements, place of research, output, etc.

You will have the opportunity to take advantage of this work during your own research.

Master's thesis

You also have the option of conducting your research in another Faculty of Science in the Netherlands or abroad. Your supervisor is expected to tell you early on which items he or she considers most important and the order they should take in the thesis, so you will not get any surprises later on.

You can also attend the presentations of Sustainable Development track Energy and Materials. This way you will be able to develop a broad view on all kind of current research topics, and to keep in touch with your fellow students and teachers especially in the final, sometimes rather lonely, stage of your studies.

Other students and staff can thus benefit from your research work. You will find thesis topics in the Energy Science community in BlackBoard. Your thesis and your research project are two different courses, with separate objectives and deliverables. In this project you will learn to conduct research independently in an energy-related natural science field.

Registration You have to sign an attendance list, that is kept at the secretariats. You are very welcome to attend these Graduation Presentations. Feedback Do you have a question or remark about this page?Master Thesis - University Of Twente.

Jobs, companies, people, and articles for LinkedIn’s Master Thesis - University Of Twente members Utrecht University -. Top Master Programs in Humanities Studies in Netherlands / Information on the Master's thesis of the Master's programme Applied Ethics at the Humanities faculty of Utrecht University.

De master Geneeskunde bereidt je verder voor op het uitoefenen van het beroep master is alleen toegankelijk voor studenten die hun bachelor Geneeskunde gevolgd hebben aan de Universiteit Utrecht.

Kinanya Pijl (Legal Research Master, Law, Economics and Governance) won the student award in the category ‘Best Master’s Thesis’. The title of. Instelling: Universiteit Utrecht Opleiding: Masteropleiding Orthopedagogiek This master thesis is my final work in order to complete my Orthopedagogiek masters degree at Utrecht University.

Over the course of the past year I studied the influence.

Master thesis universiteit utrecht masters
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