Money for morality by mary arguelles

What does this episode say about our society? Money for Morality was written by Mary Arguelles for the October 28, edition of Newsweek and can be found on page No longer am I driven to the single-minded pursuit of the stereotypical American Dream.

Similarly, our moral taste buds have been dulled by an endless onslaught of artificial sweeteners. The young boy did the right thing by returning the money, most would not. Another example is that most children learn that money is given for simply studying and getting those right grades. The bank traced the money to its rightful owner and returned it to him.

I will post my detailed response once I finish picking the article apart and writing the response up. It does not mean that she never praised her son for doing well in school.

It is in fact this fast pace that is, in part, a source of the problem. Television makes history of events before any of us has even had a chance to absorb them in the first place. I tried to check the spelling and the grammar to make sure that it was the same as the original article, but I am human and am bound to make mistakes.

The true prize is in being happy about being honest and that you helped someone out. A reward is a gift; any gift should at least be met with the presumption of genuine gratitude on the part of the giver.

Mary Arguelles explains that misplaced virtues are running rampant through our society because everyone gets something in return when they do something right. I remember when I was pregnant with my son I read countless child-care books that offered the same advice: I must make a lot of money, but not for the same reasons as when I was a young man.

Not for a fancy car or a home with far more rooms than I have need for, but one in which affords me the means by which to spend more time with my family and friends.

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Money for morality

We should be rewarding ourselves with self worth, values and morals by being honest. Tell us what you need to have done now! Modern communication has catapulted us into an instant world. People need to be rewarded for elicit future performance when they should just be proud of themselves for doing their best and succeeding.

Posted by Michael Walker at 5: We pass this message to our children. In fact, in one national reading program, a pizza party awaits the entire class if each child reads a certain amount of books within a four-month period.

The satisfaction we get from knowing we did the right thing is what is most for morality Jorge Grijalva Eng.

Desensitizing: Morality and Right Thing

80 May 14, First draft Summary Money for Morality In this article Mary Arguelles said that the virtues of honesty and kindness have become commodities that, like everything else, have succumbed to inflation. Money For Morality By Mary Arguelles Essay >>>CLICK HEREMoney for morality by mary arguelles essay Provo type term paper on criminal offense online cv services cite online magazine article apa.

EBSCOhost serves thousands of libraries with premium essays, articles and other content including Money for morality. Get access to over 12 million other articles! Some Things are Sacred I must make a lot of money, but not for the same reasons as when I was a young man.

No longer am I driven to the single-minded pursuit of the stereotypical American Dream. No longer am I motivated by society’s standards that constantly tug. In the essay "Money for Morality," Mary Arguelles introduces a young boy who finds a large amount of money and aside from being selfish he returns it to the rightful owner.

He receives a small lump sum of appreciation. His higher authority do not feel as if the reward was a good enough "token of appreciation", so they gather a large fund. Desensitizing the future; is it worth the money? The article “Money for Morality”, written by Mary Arguelles, explains and argues about our society today where people seek incentives and rewards for being a better person.

Money for morality by mary arguelles
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