Responsibilities and relationships in lifelong learning essay

I will take into consideration the cultural backgrounds, interpersonal relationships, sociability and expectations of every learner because each student brings with them diverse point of view, work experiences, cultures and life styles. More essays like this: I will be courageous and ambitious to make and develop effectual programs, clear purposes and aims and all records and paperwork up to day of the month and filled firmly, following with Data Protection Act Dublin, The Equality Authority.

The changes are either reflected in the next session or the next course. Ground rules sets expectation and also bring order to the classroom. Confidential information includes personal details. Learners expect us to respect and protect confidentiality.

Ground rules may include arriving on time, switching off mobile phones and not eating or drinking in class.

Roles, Responsibilities and relationships in lifelong learning Essay

Teachers may advice students of correct posture when sitting at a computer for long periods and to take a 15 minute break every 2 hours. Records indicate clearly what has been taught, the progress of the course, and helps identify the learners who need more help.

Teachers always have to protect themselves and the best way to do it is to follow the rules of the code of practice. They could be positioned at the front of class so they can see visual presentations clearly or to focus and lip-read on the teacher.

Ground rules could be set around class management, punctuality of learners. If additional support is in place the teacher should liaise with the relevant professionals to ensure they are aware of the lesson plan and can support the student.

The evaluation will be able to establish among learners their learning styles like Visual learners: Any roles come with own responsibilities.

They need to know where the boundaries lie and what will happen if they step over the boundaries. We have to act within professional codes which involve knowledge of the Code of Professional Practice I will give equal rights to all learners to take participation in all activities of learning despite of age, sex, religion and race.

It aims to understand the relationships between teachers and other professionals by analysing barriers, boundaries and reviewing points of referral to meet the needs of learners.

Some records are mandatory for all organisations and some have to be kept for legal reasons List of references: Codes of Practice The Code of Practice was developed by the profession for the profession and it outlines the behaviours expected when any group of people are gathered together — some are listed below: Diversity is valuing individual differences, regardless of age, sex, religion, race and nationality.

I will prosecute and actuate scholars, utilizing unfastened duologue to promote scholars to take part.

Roles Responsibilities And Relationships In Lifelong Learning Education Essay

All assessments must take place at the centre or workplace. When the ground rules are observed, it promotes discipline and learners feel safe in their learning environment.

What is their motive? Health and Safety Act at Work Regulations It is important to ensure Health and Safety Regulations are met — I teach in a class with computers and consequently, to name a few, I need to ensure that there are no leads lying around to cause accidents, chairs can be adjusted to the correct height for desks, sockets are not overloaded, classroom lights are fully operational, and ensure that every hour or so the students look away from the computer screen for at least 5 minutes, taking a break whilst we discuss the exercise at hand.

Some grownups will make further surveies for a societal intent and others as a personal or professional development. I would need to complete evaluation after each session this evaluation will look at the strengths of the session, areas that might need improvement and development for future delivery.

This act aims in taking steps to make reasonable adjustments to overcome the physical barriers to access for disabled people in areas of employment, education, access to goods, facilities and services, buying or renting land or property and functions of public bodies.

Encourage teamwork through group discussions, group course work to improve interaction among learners. Health and safety is the responsibility of both the teacher and the organisation.

However, any changes resulting from feedback to the course content or its delivery would be implemented in accordance with the awarding body or organisational policy.

Interim Assessment takes place occasionally throughout a larger time period. The learners are made aware of current legislations.

Assessment tools measure the skills and abilities and knowledge attainment of the learners in all academic areas and the results serve as a baseline to measure effectiveness of educational programs. Acknowledge of dedication and hard work. The process also helps the teacher improve their teaching skills to meet the need of the learners.

When there are students with a variety of needs in the group it is important to spend more time creating the lesson plan in advance of the lesson so that when planning an activity particular attention is paid to when the lesson should take place and who is involved as well as what their abilities are.

My responsibility as a teacher is to be aware of the different learning styles of each student and be patient, listen and help students to overcome their learning difficulties.Roles, Responsibilities and relationships in lifelong learning killarney10mile.come a brief case study of the role of a teacher in the Lifelong Learning Sector - Roles, Responsibilities and relationships in lifelong learning introduction.

Roles, Relationships and Responsibilities in Lifelong learning Teaching religious education: key aspects of legislation, regulatory requirements and codes of practice The teaching of religious education is bound by the legislative and regulatory requirements and codes of practice of the teachers.

Cleo Peries 17/04/ Unit Roles, responsibilities and relationships in lifelong learning. 1. 1 Summarise key aspects of legislation, regulatory requirements and codes of practice relating to own role and responsibilities. Roles Responsibilities And Relationships In Lifelong Learning Education Essay This assignment aims to analyze my voluntary ESOL Tutor function, duties and boundaries following with facets of statute law, advancing equality.

Responsibilities and Relationships in Lifelong Learning Essay Sample. The relevant legislations for teachers are Health and Safety at Work Act This act aims at protecting people against risks to health and safety in connection with their activities at.

Roles, responsibilities and relationships in lifelong learning 1. Understand own role and responsibilities in lifelong learning Summarise key aspects of legislation, regulatory requirements and codes of practice relating to own role and responsibilities.

Responsibilities and relationships in lifelong learning essay
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