Steroids and hall of fame

The Hall of Fame voters’ war on steroids is crumbling

Since they would be sure-fire HOFers with no steroid issues, their candidacies can withstand these major black marks on their resumes. Taking steroids is a horrible, horrible choice to make for your life. Of course, it means guessing who was clean, which brings us back to the No.

This year I believe there is one no-doubter in Chipper Jones and perhaps 20 others for whom you can make a case for or against depending on preferences about steroids, closers, DHs, large Hall, small Hall, etc.

That said; the other four guys should also absolutely be in the Hall of Fame. These are the two biggest criteria for me in determining a Baseball Hall of Famer. They put the dominant players in the Hall of Fame, without admitting too many undeserving players.

But we are talking about 75 percent and of 18,ish, and that is a heck of a mountain to climb. Yes, this list covers Mark McGwire.

I would argue that his one dimension homeruns was so great 11th all time in homeruns that he should be a Hall-of-Famer anyway. For now, three questions that at least bedevil this voter annually: Even among league-wide bloated homerun totals, these two guys managed to shine.

From throughhis homerun totals were 36, 40, 36, 66, 63, 50, 64, and Visitors can judge him for that, but his plaque remains.

Willie McCovey: Letter to Hall of Fame voters aimed at Barry Bonds

I am not saying that we all knew that they were on steroids. Mets need to get real about present to fix their future It is Hall of Fame week or what I like to think of as the week I will be called an idiot or worse more than in all of the other weeks of the year combined.

Was this guy a dominant player during his era? Anyway, now that you know my stance on steroids and the Hall of Fame, here is my hypothetical vote for the Hall of Fame Induction: Should we just vote for the players with the best statistics? They even helped greatly to resuscitate baseball three years after the strike.

By the way, we all knew that something was up with McGwire and Sosa. At least, I think the voters got things right. How much should it affect his candidacy?The Baseball Hall of Fame reveals its Class of in late January, and there are a few notorious names on the ballots.

Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens are infamous steroids users, but they are garnering votes to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Many believe steroids users shattered the integrity.

"If anybody deserved to be in the Hall of Fame, it's Barry." The names of Bonds, Roger Clemens and Gary Sheffield -- who are on the man ballot released on Nov. 21 -- appeared in the Mitchell report, a page investigation into MLB steroid use overseen by former U.S.

Sen. George Mitchell in Jan 02,  · Hall of Fame Voters Soften Stance on Stars of Steroids Era Image Bud Selig, the baseball commissioner during the steroids era, was voted into the Hall of Fame last month by the Today’s Game Era Committee.

David Eckstein Says Barry Bonds Deserves Hall of Fame, Despite PED Scandal

Yes, this list covers Mark McGwire. It also covers Sammy Sosa, Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, and David Ortiz.

While Ortiz will not be on the ballot for a few years, he will get into the Hall of Fame because everyone loves him. That said; the other four guys should also absolutely be in the Hall of Fame. 5 hours ago · Barry Bonds will be the first MLB player entrenched in baseball's PED scandal to make the Hall of Fame Eckstein managed to have a great career despite playing in the thick of the steroid era.

Joe Morgan's strongly worded letter to Hall of Fame voters to bar steroid users from Cooperstown is a reactionary response to a layered and extremely complex issue.

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Steroids and hall of fame
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