The compound pendulum essay

Introduction The laws of simple harmonic motion are based on the periodic displacement, acceleration, and velocity of an object. What is a Simple Pendulum As mentioned earlier, in a simple pendulum the dimensions of the object in suspension is significantly smaller than the distance from the centre of gravity of the object to the axis of suspension.

It should be noted that moving the center of mass of the weights further from the pivot point increased the moment of inertia, and thus slowed down the rotation of the pendulum about the pivot point. Wiley and Sons, The figure below illustrates a compound pendulum: Online Plagiarism Checker Experimenting with compound pendulums and moment of inertia - Sample Essay Two compound pendulums with different weight distributions were used to experimentally determine if the laws of simple harmonic motion would apply to them as well.

A hole toward the other end of the bar was chosen as the pivot point, and measurements were taken for the length of the bar, the width of the bar, the center of mass of the bar to the pivot point, the center of mass of the pendulum to the pivot point, the center of mass of the weight to the pivot point, and the radius of the weight.

A scale was used to measure the weights of the bar and the weight. The average percent error for the pendulum with the shorter R distance from pivot point to cm of the weights was 2.

Experimenting with compound pendulums and moment of inertia - Sample Essay

This allows us to treat the mass as though it were a single point. There is no clear-cut definition to differentiate between a simple pendulum and a compound pendulum, however, so this is a rather qualitative distinction. It swings with a period of: How to cite this page Choose cite format: Over here the argument is the same as before, some will think that she is doing this for the welfare of Macbeth, while others will say she is doing it for fame and titles.

In this experiment, a compound pendulum was constructed out of two weights that could be screwed together through a series of holes in a flat steel bar.

This leads to the equation for the period of a compound pendulum: Over here Lady Macbeth is referring to the murder of Duncan about which Macbeth was really unsure about, however in the end he was convinced by Lady Macbeth.

This poem is written by William Butler Yeats, who was born in Ireland in The moments of inertia were determined experimentally, based on the periods of the pendulums, and compared to theoretical calculations. Bringing the weight in closer to the pivot point provided less torque, which allowed faster times for the period.

He was really fascinated by Irish history and culture.Main Difference – Simple Pendulum vs. Compound Pendulum. A pendulum consists of an object suspended along an axis so that it is able to move back and forth freely. Depending on the shape of the pendulum, a pendulum could be classified as a simple pendulum or a compound pendulum (physical pendulum).The main difference between simple pendulum and compound pendulum is that, in a simple pendulum.

The Compound Pendulum Essay

Purpose To demonstrate that the laws of simple harmonic motion apply to a compound pendulum. Procedures 1. Take measurements of the mass of the bar, the mass of the weights, the length and width of the bar, the radius of the weight, and distances from the pivot point to the centers of mass of the bar, the weight, and the bar and weight.

Lab Report Compound Pendulum in Different Medium Words | 6 Pages Lab Report Compound Pendulum in different medium Raoul Corstjens IS10a Introduction An oscillating object is a mass that follows a pattern that causes the mass to return to its initial position after completing one complete oscillation in a constant certain amount of.

Procedure 3: The Compound Pendulum The aim of this experiment is to determine the value of the acceleration due to gravity by measuring the period of oscillation of the pendulum when suspended from different distances from its centre of mass. The Compound Pendulum References Stephenson, Mechanics and Properties of Matter, Wiley,Ch.

6, (QA S82). Introduction In this experiment we shall see how the period of oscillation of a compound, or physical, pendulum depends on the distance between the point of suspension and the center of mass.

- The Pit an the Pendulum By: Edger Allen Poe The Pit an the Pendulum by Edger Allen Poe is what this essay came from. The story starts with the heretic getting sentenced the death penalty.

He is thrown in a big pitch black pit, with a swinging pendulum hanging from the roof, to eventually be killed in some way.

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The compound pendulum essay
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