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However, Wodehouse also shows that the class system is also punishing. His son, Freddie, also rich, is lazy and has no direction in life. Location The location of the stores is carefully evaluated, analysed by the customer catchments, customer demographics, cost of retail space and proximity of competitors and other existing PPL stores.

Those factories were regularly audited for under-age workers and for health and safety practices. They also launched Pumpkin Patch General, focused on lowering costs, which is why it is an online shop currently.

At the end of the story the reader feels relieved that all has ended well. The design of its stores is to give the sense of passion that the company puts into the clothes. With the help of diction and imagery Woodhouse creates an impressive setting.

The title of this story suggests irony mixed with an undeniable humor.

Custody of The Pumpkin

Woodhouse treats the delicate subject of class differences in a humorous manner, but gets his point across the reader very well. Its founder was Sally Synott. New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants The reader is also made aware of the lower classes, which is characterized by their stoicism, honesty and hardworking attitude.

Customer Experience Whether a customer purchases a product online, at one of the stores, or at one of a franchise partner stores they need to have a high quality customer experience.

The Custody of the Pumpkin

It used to have some stores in the US, but they were closed in because of unprofitability. They have a very sophisticated internet platform that serves the online customers across 8 international markets. And finally, when lord Emsworth pleads with him to return back to work McAllister finally agrees to do so.

The story begins with lord Emsworth an eccentric aristocrat trying in vain to operate a telescope. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues.

Pumpkin Patch had experienced increasing problems in New Zealand and overseas with rivals copying exclusive clothing and fabric designs. She was a childrendswear buyer and looked everywhere for quality clothing for kids, and not being able to find it she decided to create the company to provide quality, design-drive kidswear.

It is designed to be inviting and exciting, showing the Pumpkin Patch collections, giving the customer the pleasure of purchasing a creative and innovative product. Ossa Certified Educator In P.

Product development and sourcing While Di Humphries, who is the new Merchandise and Brand Director, will significantly add to the talent and ability that already exists within the design area, she also brings experience around product innovation, develop and sourcing. This is possibly because lord Emsworth was passionate about his pumpkin as the title suggests and was determined to win Shrewsbury fair.The Custody of the Pumpkin is a humorous piece written by P.G.

Wodehouse that mocks the aristocrats of England in that time. In the story, the main character is Lord Emsworth, who represents the upper class and their eccentric nature. Analysis of the Custody od the Pumpkin.

Analysis of the custody of the pumpkin Essay Sample

The Detention of the Pumpkin falls in the genre of amusing fiction. PG Wodehouse is celebrated for his involved secret plans where bed upon bed of complications unfold.

How does P. G. Wodehouse create humor in his story

Situation: Humorous, old earl obsessed with a pumpkin with a son who complicates the pumpkin issue with his marriage - Custody of The Pumpkin introduction.

Ludicrous, has a happy resolution. Funny part; telescope, chance upon his son fooling around, thinking the cats attacked the pumpkin, his reaction when his son tells him he’s married, the.

English custody of the pumpkin

Open Document. Below is an essay on "The Custody of the Pumpkin" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. Below is an essay on "The Custody of the Pumpkin" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Pumpkin Patch Essay Sample

The Custody of the Pumpkin (Deep Analysis) A- Theme(s) B- Characters C- Historical Reference A- The custody of the pumpkin is a short story that combines different types of themes.

Pumpkin Patch Essay Sample. Our case assignment is about the New Zealand Retail Company Pumpkin Patch Ltd which combine retail, online, and wholesale / franchise.

The custody of the pumpkin essay essay
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