The diary of a gladiator essay

The Diary of a Gladiator

It does not bother me now, not after the great fire, the fire that destroyed my village. Their names, their faces, when lawlessly murdered them. Every single opponent I killed on the arena had family, had friends, and I took away their life without a tiny sense of guilt.

To my great luck the crowd liked the fight so they decided to pep this guy alive. Now know that the glory is everything and no one will make me believe in different. Claudia died as a hero but more importantly he died as a good man.

Just stared at all those people and felt like it was still a nightmare. Limit ashamed to say that I did kill one of the gladiators during my 3 fight. Now my friend is dead and because of my stupid pride the last words said to him were mean and completely untruthful! The one place I cannot stop thinking of and the one place I cannot, and will not, return to.

The noise was incredible but it gave me strength. I will fight for my freedom. I know he is! People were encouraging me and I believed then I can do this. It was directly attached to the Gate of Life in the Coliseum, the place where my future will be decided.

He helped me to fight my doubts and be positive about my future. Some of them were from the rich background, which came here for fame, others were slaves just like me who were chosen or volunteered to fight for their freedom.

The crowd was on his side and the odds were in his favor. But he just laughed at my face and said that my soul is screwed. I am a murderer.

When his opponent was on the ground Claudia looked at the Emperor and waited for a sign. But then we got to know each other and I found out that he is very much like me.

And the argument we had yesterday did not help. He stood up and proclaimed that no one shall leave this stadium until one of the gladiators is dead. He was a rotaries therefore had only had the net to fight against me. Other gladiators who met in here were very different.

He is very wise for his age and never gives up. We were slowly moving towards Italy. Claudia fought with pride beautifully reflecting the attacks of the opponent.

Ran from myself, from the thoughts in my head. Gladiators is not a game. He left worthy after and left me on my own with my anger. They never actually gave us a real weapon before. Felt sorry for my opponent but I defeated him quite easily.

His last fight was against a sanity called Quintus. But what else is it about then? He was heavily armed and was famous for his incredible skills using the short sword. It stinks of death, of blood, I feel sick every time I step on the ground of Coliseum.

The stadium felt silenced for a moment. Death was immediate and no one could help him. I was born free and shall not die as a slave. But I need to focus On more important things.

My family is dead, my village is burnt down.But in the arena the main rules are to kill or to be killed, so I will have to put up with this. 06/06/58 Today found out the date of my next fight.

My first fight. It’s going to take place in the arena of Coliseum.

I’m going to fight along with other gladiators to entertain Roman high class society. I find it very ironic. In the film Gladiator, Marcus Aurelius the Emperor of Rome chooses the victorious general Maximus Decimus Meridias instead of his own son Commodus to be his heir.

Due to the lack of power Commodus was given, he. In 73 B.C a gladiator started a revolt in Italy, which involved 70, slaves. Maximus was the one who was the leader of this revolt.

Maximus became a slave, who had to fight in he gladiator games. Eventually he was in the coliseum fighting fir his life/5(11).

Essay on Gladiator - The Movie. Words 5 Pages. The main character of the movie ‘Gladiator’ is a poor teenager Tommy Railey. Tommy, a newcomer to a tough Chicago inner city high school, becomes a boxer to pay off his fathers gambling debts. At first he works in a dinner to earn money.

Gladiator Essay Words | 6 Pages. Gladiator: The Roman Man Gladiator is set during the peak of the Roman Empire ( AD).

The story revolves around Maximus, one of the best General's in Emperor Marcus Aurelius' army. The emperor is dying and makes his wishes known that Maximus be his successor instead of his son Commodus. The Diary of a Gladiator.

12/05/ Dear Diary, Today was possibly the worst day in my entire life. I shall start from the beginning. When I woke up I felt an uncontrollable need for freedom.

I had the bad feeling in the bottom of my stomach and I couldn't get rid of it. I felt terrified, captured. I sneaked out of the house and ran.

The diary of a gladiator essay
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