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Volvo tests cloud-based communication system to make driving safer

Notes to the Editor: Now, Volvo Cars truly offers customers a fully connected experience. Improved Premium Sound system Our Sensus family also includes an improved top-of-the-line Premium Sound system with a 5xW amplifier with the next generation sound enhancement software Dirac Live and up to 12 loudspeakers from Harman Kardon, including a new long-throw woofer for enhanced bass, new soft dome tweeters for soft highs and new, larger mid-range centre and door speakers.

There is no point in filling a car with technology if it comes off as overwhelming, so our main focus is always to give our customers the best experience available and make it easy to digest.

From the first introduction of the safety cage in and pioneering laminated windshields that same Volvo cloud, Volvo has always prided itself as a safety trailblazer. View gallery - 2 images Volvo has a history of shaping many Volvo cloud features we take for granted today, regardless of what brand of car we drive.

An alert is also sent to road maintenance authorities to help improve the management of dangerous conditions. They are designed to locate their current position to within centimetres, monitor in detail and analyse what is happening with other road users, and then respond with high accuracy.

The cloud-based services allow drivers to find and pay for parking from their car, discover new restaurants at their destination, stream their favourite music seamlessly and much more.

A connected life Your Volvo is part of your digital world with Sensus — connected technology that keeps you in touch and makes ownership as fulfilling as possible.

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Tens of thousands of radio stations can now be enjoyed in a car that is pre-heated or pre-cooled every time the customer wants to go for a drive, made possible by the remote start function on their mobile phone. Now the Swedish automotive company is further developing its cloud-based infotainment system as part of a safety-focused pilot project.

In this way it will be possible to minimise waste in the form of buffer stocks, and increase availability. Live smarter by sharing We use sophisticated technology to make things simple.

As with an industrial production process, speed and progress are tailored to avoid unnecessary waiting and to increase delivery precision. There is considerable potential in this area, including safer traffic, a more comfortable drive and an improved traffic flow.

Our cloud-based apps update seamlessly. A warning is then transmitted to nearby vehicles and a slippery road warning on the instrument cluster alerts drivers approaching the hazard to take appropriate action.

Our brand new app Connected Service Booking is only the first step in making the dealer workshop fully integrated into the digital eco-system, enabling even more services in the future.

Autonomous Cloud-Linked Electric Vehicles from Volvo

Vehicles that operate on the same route cooperate to create optimal flow. The Volvo Sensus solutions will include the following features among others: A navigation system where the driver can not only set destinations through their mobile device and get exciting information about their surroundings through Wikipedia, but which also lets them find and pay for parking at their destination.

It opens up a new dimension of information, entertainment and connectivity. The brand new in-car experience includes a novel take on all aspects of travelling.

In the future we will have increased exchange of vital information between vehicles. The propulsion is entirely electric with zero exhaust emissions and low noise levels. Investing in cloud-based solutions Volvo Cars is one of few car manufacturers that strategically invests and partners in cloud-based solutions.

Volvo Cars’ cloud solution offers total connectivity and added functionality

Since we use autonomous vehicles with no exhaust emissions and low noise, their operation can take place at any time of day or night.Volvo has always prided itself as a safety trailblazer. Now the Swedish automotive company is further developing its cloud-based infotainment system as part of a safety-focused pilot project.

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Mar 17,  · New Video Case Study: Volvo Selects Windows Azure to Launch Worldwide Game. Posted on March 17, Microsoft Azure. After consulting with Microsoft Gold Certified Partner LBI and evaluating other cloud services, Volvo selected the Windows Azure platform.

Volvo has now successfully delivered an exciting, secure. 14 hours ago · Volvo Trucks is now presenting a new transport solution consisting of autonomous electric commercial vehicles that can contribute to more efficient, safer and. Volvo Cars’ cloud solution offers total connectivity and added functionality With the launch of Sensus Connect, Volvo Car Group (Volvo Cars) reveals an updated on-board infotainment and navigation solutions.

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Volvo cloud
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