Wace english essays for intermediate

Write a letter to him discussing at least three areas in which your school excels. Write an article for publication in your school magazine, discussing the reasons why children in your area drop out of school and suggesting ways of minimizing it.

Write your contribution for or against the topic. But there was no time for that now, so he hurried on. Write a story that ends with the words: As the president of your youth club, write a letter to the chairman of your Local Government Association complaining about the increasing rate of child labour and suggesting ways of curbing it.

The tyres were threadbare, the brakes were faulty and the road was wet, but, still feeling a little sleepy, Dele sped on. He was a commercial bus driver and had to get started as early as 5.


There was no clock on the mantel piece and the room was still dark, but he knew that he was already late for work, probably by an hour. He had to make up for lost time.

Your answer should not be less than words. It was the rush hour, so the bus was overloaded as it often was, with many passengers hanging on to the doors. You are advised to spend about 50 minutes on this section.

A similar amulet hung concealed under the steering column of his bus. It was a bad sign, and he was supposed to go back home and then set out again. All questions carry equal marks. What literary device is used in this expression?

What does this tell us about Dele? Many passengers protested about his reckless driving, but he would not listen. Now, he got up shakily, splashed water on his face and hurried off to work, but not before carefully fastening on his upper left arm the amulet he had always worn for protection against accidents.

Your friend in another school has requested information about your school to enable him to decide on moving over to your school. The careering bus hit the parked vehicle, swerved wildly across the road and plunged into a ditch.

English Essay Plan

On his way, still feeling groggy, he caught his left toe against a stump and had some misgiving. That experience will linger on my mind for a long time. Under normal circumstances, he could have brought the bus safely to a halt, bur the circumstances were far from normal.

WACE Past Papers

Women should not be in paid employment while still bearing children. At the bus station, Dele quickly loaded his bus and sped off without any of the necessary checks on the vehicle.

You are the chief speaker in a debate on the topic: As the vehicle took the last turn before its destination, Dele saw a broken-down truck blocking his side of the road.• Reflect on your piece of writing: What issues, if any, are raised by what you or your character sees?

Sample assessment tasks | English | ATAR Year 12 Marking key for sample assessment task 1 Task 1: Following the directions set out on the task sheet, go for a minute walk. On your return. Essays and criticism on Robert Wace - Critical Essays. eNotes Home; He was born into a family of German ancestry on Jersey, the largest of the English Channel islands, then under the control.

Hopefully this helps a lot of you out having issues with creating an English essay plan or how to structure an English essay. a PDF version of the English essay plan incase you want to download and print it off to help you study for in class English essays. Download English essay plan [.pdf 17kB] 64 ATAR/WACE; Study help; 4 Arts;.

Please be aware that these past WACE examinations do not reflect the current WACE Syllabuses. English - Past WACE Examinations. English as an Additional Language/Dialect - Past WACE Examinations School Curriculum and Standards Authority Sevenoaks St Cannington Western Australia Related Post of Wace english essays for students annie s mailbox write my essay essay about myself and my goals as a teacher account writing essay kalд±plar.

WACE Past Papers Past WACE Exam Papers WACE examinations papers for Stage 2 and Stage 3. Past papers are actual examination papers from previous years.

Wace english essays for intermediate
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