Wjec coursework for spreadsheet

Documents to look at have included a flyer, a school magazine and a letter. I have not seen clear annotations, nor designs yet. Also have a look at Pages 11 and 12 from the Unit2 Guidance ppt.

This will mean that you have to scan in the 3 documents you have chosen to use. Students have access to 3 types of Unit 2 exemplars; a local produce business, Rotheram Scouts, and Mikeys Sports. Please bear in mind that you have exemplars to follow, and that your flyer work is yet to be completed.

Set up cells that look up all the customer data from your database sheet.

There is also a presentation on house style and ethos. More importantly, your students will not actually know what they have done and so cannot answer the questions set; so no marks. Keep up with the weekly targets! Name the cell ranges whatever you like and decide how to set out your invoice.

I will be splitting these up into Task 1, Task 2 and Task 3 in the next few days. However as you right point out they are unlikely to understand it. Now consider running the filter for a purpose your choice Others have chosen a school 6th form evening event.

It also is going to get the kids nowhere in terms of trying to answer the questions. Getting students to learn together is and this normally requires teacher intervention and guidance I quote: There is a new deadline for this Friday — keep to it!

Posted on February 5, by Kerry Turner We are going to start the mail merge letter part of Unit 2 Presentation task today. You should use all 3 to ensure that your background and ethos and house style section is text rich and your own work.

We will be reviewing the test in class. Students have chosen an adventure company, with a brochure, mailshot and flyer to analyse. Not entirely true you could do it as a group actvity.

Dai Rudge makes this point when talking about the poor scripts from some centres. Do not get everyone to do the same thing since this flies in the face of the criteria and can be rejected. Do NOT lift sentences from the brochures or documents.

However giving them the task with the same data, same formulae in the same cells and no personalisation is not in the spirit of the section B task.


Before Hattie we called it demo. Tomorrow we will discuss sections to leave out of this test. Students should also be meeting the weekly deadlines for the Unit 2 coursework Tasks. You will learn the AQA work. Here is the model now lets go through it and hope some of it sticks is lecturing It is essential that you show evidence of this with data and screenshots.

The 4 techniques which you have to identify as having been used in the documents are contained in the lists of basic and advanced features in the marking Grid for Unit2 — Task 1.Posts about WJEC UNIT2 written by Kerry Turner.

Home; RIP Act router Social Networks Spreadsheets ssl switch Systems Task 1 teleworking tripadvisor vector Video viruses website design wiki WJEC UNIT1 WJEC UNIT2 We will be reviewing the test in class.

Students should also be meeting the weekly deadlines for the Unit 2 coursework. Internal Assessment Coursework Forms Unit 1 Performing mark sheet (New Specification) Word Document | GCSE (from ) Unit 1.

The class time for the work on WJEC Unit2 has come to an end, and these projects need to be handed in on the first day back at school in April. This is because we have to start the Spreadsheet work for Unit1. This is a completed spreadsheet model for WJEC Unit 2 Controlled Assignment Task 6 - Modelling example for the School Quiz, and the documentation to go with it.

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WJEC AS ICT Spreadsheet

GCE AS and A ICT Teacher’s Guide 1 Contents GCE AS and A ICT Teacher’s Guide 4 Rationale The WJEC GCE ICT Specification has been drawn up by a team of serving teachers and Spreadsheet features and functions Methodology and Practice Simulation modelling Unit IT 2.

Wjec coursework for spreadsheet
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