Write a program to implement multiple inheritance through interface in c#

No function would be available with this class even though its base class is having these functions. Any class or struct that implements the interface must implement all its members. An interface is like an abstract base class.

The interface itself provides no functionality that a class or struct can inherit in the way that it can inherit base class functionality. In that way, an interface in C is similar to an abstract class in which all the methods are abstract.

A class can inherit a base class and also implement one or more interfaces. This articles talks about the clash situation where a function with the same name resides in two interfaces and one Derived class call it.

This situation occurs when two interfaces have functions with the same name and signature and one base class implements these interfaces.

Multiple Inheritance Example c#

MyInterfaceFunction ; Now comes another twist. Its members are implemented by any class or struct that implements the interface. Have a look at the following example: For more information about virtual members, see Polymorphism.

To implement an interface member, the corresponding member of the implementing class must be public, non-static, and have the same name and signature as the interface member.

Now try to access the elements of the object of MyTestBaseClass. The implementing class, Car, must provide an implementation of the Equals method.

However, the class can provide an implementation of an interface only one time and only if the class declares the interface as part of the definition of the class class ClassName: Interfaces can implement other interfaces.

For example, an interface might declare a property that has a get accessor. Interfaces contain no implementation of methods. MyInterfaceFunction ; We can call the respective interface function by typecasting it to the corresponding interfaces.

For links to examples, see Related Sections. For such cases, we have to use the name of the interface during function implementation.

Multiple Inheritance in C#

For more information about explicit implementation, see Explicit Interface Implementation and Interface Properties. Now create the instance of MyDerivedClass and check. Therefore, by using interfaces, you can include behavior from multiple sources in a class.

We will add one more function with the same name in MyTestBaseClass. See the example below: If the interface is inherited because you inherited a base class that implements the interface, the base class provides the implementation of the members of the interface.Write a program to Implement Multiple Inheritance.

Multiple Inheritance in C# Will interface support Multiple Inheritance? Since multiple inheritance is bad Browse other questions tagged c# interface multiple-inheritance or ask your How to implement inheritance with multiple sub. This page contains simple Java example program for Multiple Inheritance Using Interface with sample output.

This java example program also expain the concepts for Basic Programs. there was the concept of Multiple Inheritance. But in C#, I would like to read and write the articles why interface can be used to achieve multiple. Interfaces (C# Programming Guide) a class or struct can implement multiple A class might include an interface multiple times through base classes that it.

Feb 17,  · Multiple Inheritance in C# This article In C# Multiple Inheritance can be effected using Interface. We can implement multiple Face Reading through Face /5(3).

Write a program to implement multiple inheritance through interface in c#
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